Welcome to Inplay King!

Welcome to Inplay King!

Posted by Lee on 10th Feb 2019

We thought as an initial blog post you'd like to know a little about us, our website and the features we offer...

Myself and Kevin got together 5 years ago to work on inplay football betting and the opportunities that are available from betting this way.

After being in groups and chat groups that were focussed on inplay football betting we soon found it was hard to focus on matches all at the same time, particularly on busy days like Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We found we were missing lots of opportunities; by this we mean missing winners and sometimes backing losers.

So we came up with the idea of seeing all matches on one page now how could we do that? This was the tricky part until we met Josh, a credible young programmer with various similar projects under his belt who could help us achieve this. We started off with a crude inplay football table where we could see all matches inplay - this was massive to us. We soon were able to play matches where we can see that data and this helped us become in the top 2% in the country of people who make money from betting on football markets.

Now we worked on this project, improving all the time adding things that we thought would help turn the table into an amazing tool. We have even created our very own rating, power, which is a combination of many different bits of attacking stats that would help us find which team was on top, this was a real help identifying opportunities inplay.

We then created what we think is the best way to calculate game momentum and added that to the table. Again, we quickly identified games to play either a goal to be scored or a goal not to be scored.

We have also created a rating which is a combination of power and momentum we call this the combo rating.

So to sum up our in play table, 12 months ago we had for every game that was played each day Shots on target, shots off target, corners, Possession, Red/Yellow cards, Asian price, Power, Power %, Combo and momentum. This was a huge step forwards from flicking from match to match on Bet 365.

Over the past 12 months we evolved even more and added match details where you can see all the data minute by minute when you click the match link, you can also download the match to a CSV file for closer examination. We added what filters you want to see, what you want the table to look like using special filters, this was a major step forwards enabling us to create our own systems and selections you want to see.

All this helps you to easily identify opportunities either for betting or trading which we did and this helped us make the 2% of people who make money from betting. But we still wanted to improve even more so we had inplayking.com commissioned this is the best thing on the market by a mile for inplay trading or betting on football.

What makes this better than the rest out there...?

Match Progression Stats

This is a really big deal and helps you identify bets or trades inplay from any football match in the world. This enables you to see the game or games progress with 1, 3, 5, 10 and 15 min intervals. This in itself is a major add-on to the inplay table which can level up your betting game. Here you can see SOT, shots off, danerous attacks, and any other stat for a match which has occurred over the past x minutes - this is very powerful as you will see once you have given the software a try.

As you can see in the picture you can order the stats in any wya you want to. We also offer inplay odds so you can ses at a glance what price your selection is inplay, this is really helpful when making quick decisions.

Match Rules

Match rules is a real goldmine. Here you can create your own rules, what we mean by this is you can create your own system. You create your own rules and see when a selection pops up, here you can create as many of the systems as you like.

Inplay King really does give you an edge when it comes to betting on football using just some of these tools will give you a real chance to beat the bookies.

Pricing is really beneficial too with a price tag of just £20 per month to see and use all this online is a bargain to any serious football bettors or traders out there who could easily earn their money back in an hour or two with the right calls.

We will also be starting a Facebook messenger group where we, the Inplay King team, will be openly discussing strategies and how we make money from betting and trading inplay.

So come and join us and get yourself in the 2% of people making money from football betting. Give our tool a try today and change your betting game forever.

~ Inplay King Team